Sawduzt w Kingdom Come Whisky Jan 30th doors open at 7:00 pm

Sawduzt Bio

THE 80’s Is alive and well,”

Music Connection Magazine April 2015. 

This was the heading from the live review from Music Connection Magazine  from the prior band Johny T and Metal Mike worked together in as Slick N Wicked. Not long after another review from live Wire magazine on the bands show with Udo Dirkschneider Metal Mike and Johny T decided to make some changes and started chopping wood in the rehearsal studio and then the recording studio and created Sawduzt. One of the Sawduzt debut record tracks,Alchemy,gives some insight to the bands entity of turning nothing into something. Or as the song goes,”Turning Metal into Gold” the other songs include “Frying Pan” Deal with the Devil” Pain and Pleasure”and a nice power ballad “Heart of Stone” 

Not long ater the recording of the Sawduzt record Metal Mike recruited bassist and long time friend Brian Spangenberg that worked with Mike in a previous band. Sawduzt has currently been opening for national acts only,since the beginning,like Dirkschneider,Green Jelly.,Pretty Boy Floyd,Angel,Bonfire,Zebra,XYZ,The Rainbow 47th Anniversary Party in the Parking Lot with Hookers and Blow,Kix,Bullet Boys,London. And most recently Sweet at the Canyon Club,April 2019.

After witnessing the over whelming response from the audience at the shows and the request for record sales as Sawduzt walked off the stages.

Sawduzt knew they were on the right track. 

Sawduzt is currently writhing new material for the follow up record coming soon. Sawduzt 2.